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Body of Work~An Ever Changing Field of Potential

Hilary Lindsay “Cityscape”


I bring a quarter century of teaching yoga and dance to the studio. Become more aware of your habits and potential through conscious movement and deliberate breath. Discover that your mind is the arbiter of choice over habit. Take hold of that which is accidental and make it intentional. That is the power of yoga.

“Are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced? Well I have.”………Jimi Hendrix Here is an opportunity for students who’ve spent time on their mats and in their bodies to enjoy the luxury of sharpening their awareness in a measured but strong yoga class.  Butt kickin’ baby boomers; here’s a place to call home. This class brings strength and softness in yoga together in a deliberate manner that appeals to people of any age who have active lives and curious minds.
This is a unique therapeutic combination of vinyasa yoga and massage. The students are encouraged to move energetically but softly into the poses. The teacher and massage therapist observe the students to determine physical restrictions of the body. The student will at times be called off the mat to the side to be worked on by a Thai massage therapist and at other times be worked on at the mat by a traditional or Thai therapist. Adjustments will be made in the poses where possible. This is an excellent class for people with limited time but a desire to have assisted body work and a yoga class as well as the student who desire more information about their bodies. The students will also be given techniques to release restrictions for themselves. This class will be offered as a specialty class and as a series.
“Hilary has the unique ability to explain and teach body mechanics so that even beginners can begin to make positive changes.” – Sharon Tibbits, physiotherapist, St. Thomas Hospital A portal for people who have not done Yoga to learn techniques and philosophy. It is also an opportunity for more experienced students to refine their poses is a less challenging forum. All level students are welcome to experience Active Yoga for the first time or as if it is the first time.

“When Hilary Lindsay enters the room, a distinctive energy fills the room. Smiles all around. A definite camaraderie has been established and a kind of communal bond settles into the air.”
 – Martin Brady, Nashville Scene


A challenging athletic class that builds strength, stamina and flexibility – a strong physical practice with attention to detail. This is excellent for the student who wants to enjoy yoga in a powerful, expressive way. Non-yoga students with confidence in their ability to perform a weight bearing cardiovascular workout will enjoy this approach to yoga.

Learn to See

Art is an excellent medium to refine attention. I have personally found it to bring up all my frustrations and inner fury. Whatever you need to explore, pick up a pencil or paintbrush and be willing to see what comes up.

Hilary Lindsay “Jazz”

Hilary Lindsay ” Rob”

Hilary Lindsay “Seeing Rob Lindsay”





A method to move deeply into the subtle body in a powerful way.  The student is asked to use the breath to initiate the energy of the spine to intentionally weave between effort and surrender.  The limbs are engaged as an extension of the spinal flow.  The body and breath will break old patterns as the student finds strength and space in a yoga practice that takes familiar poses off the grid. Asana is composed as the framework for energy. Students are enabled to navigate their inner landscapes. Then they perceive themselves as powerful forms moving with grace and awareness.



“Hilary’s Saturday morning dance class is like nothing else in Nashville. The live drumming and Hilary’s infectious enthusiasm give the class an energy that stays with you through the rest of your day. 
– Kenneth Robinson, psychotherapist, Master of Divinity Studies
Elements of movement to live African drumming in a “call and follow” style class. Following the tradition of African dance, we often create dances of present day life. This class is physically challenging as it goes without pause and we work from the floor ,through the air , and back. We end with Yoga poses to restore equilibrium. High energy and fun, this class is the solution for those looking for self expression as well as good health from their workout. Even those who do not consider themselves dancers will experience dance when they feel the drums. Dancers range in age from teenagers to 50plus. Everyone in good health is welcome to take this class.
“I’m in better shape than when I was running 8 to 12 miles a day. I feel beautiful, taller, more defined, energized and emotionally open from this class.” – Sharon Gilchrist, musician / singer Whether it’s taught as a mentally challenging fast paced dance class based on yoga technique and footwork or a physically challenging controlled yoga ballet, the Bodymind Workout teaches us that we are powerful, intelligent beings. This class is an innovative, energizing approach to dance based yoga and yoga based dance.

Yoga Resistance

My latest creation was inspired by an experience in neuro kinetic therapy while working with an Osteopath in Southern California.

Therapy bands are employed to assist the yoga student in a progressive understanding of what they recognize as “core work”. The bands are used to enable students to connect the upper and lower areas of the spine by engaging the limbs with resistance. Join the resistance!