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“This is the best yoga for the body, mind, and spirit I have found. It has changed my life. My hope for you is to find a teacher like this.”
– Katherine Fowler, art therapist, visual artist

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Phone: .615.419.3604

Active Yoga is based in Nashville, Tennessee

I design personal programs in yoga and movement to achieve  therapeutic and powerful results.

Private consultations are available on Zoom, Skype or Facebook Portal.

Remote practices are custom tailored for you as video modules to address each goal or condition. These modules are modified for you as goals and needs unfold.

I am happy to answer your questions regarding my work.  For private appointments and requests please contact me.

Personal session~$100.00

Additional participant~ $20.00

Initial class and consultation ~ $120.00

Package of ten classes ~ $900.00

Corporate Rate for one hour classes~ begin at $150.00 per session

Inquire for speaking engagements and personalized videos



Tuesday * Friday * Sunday *

Staff and Student classes Vanderbilt University members only
Tuesday morning 11:30-12:30 P.M. ~Conscious Movement
Friday morning 11:30 A.M.      ~Roller/Band Pathways to the Spine
Sunday afternoon 2:00-3:15 P.M. ~Yoga Deconstructed