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Welcome to Active Yoga with Hilary Lindsay

Yoga Tailored to You Online or in Person ~Private and Group Yoga by Appointment

“I’ve studied yoga with the best and Hilary is the best – a wicked smart yoga teacher. She will lead you to the primordial places before yoga was born – to the joy and tenderness and longing inside you that brings the asanas to life.”

– Kenneth Robinson, Psychotherapist, Yoga For The Emotional Body

“She’s intuitive and pinpoints the needs of each individual; an artist with body and soul.”

– Katherine Fowler – Visual Artist/Art Therapist

“I have the book Yoga in America  opened to the chapter you wrote. Your unique  interpretation of modern yoga was life changing. I refer to it every morning to remind myself what I am doing in yoga as both a student and teacher.” 

-Tanya Cardente- Personal Growth Specialist

“Singer Jay Farrar of Sun Volt sang of a friend who “…lived like the words to a song.”  Those lyrics come to me
 again and again in Hilary’s classes which are made to order for each student but never the same experience twice. Where variety is the spice of life, her spicy teaching is an inspiration that invigorates, restores and empowers me. “

Rick Hilles, Associate Professor, English, Vanderbilt University

“It’s never the same. It’s not a class – it’s an experience.”

– Geneveve Hall – Lawyer, Singer/Songwriter

“Hilary’s taught me things about my body that have helped me to understand myself.”

– Eddie George
Running Back, Tennessee Titans

Whether you are new to the practice of yoga or wish to deepen your understanding of its potential, I am delighted to share my life’s work and dedication with you.

The practice of yoga is the practice of human potential .

Hilary Lindsay “Peace”


With right intention all yoga is therapeutic.