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It was 1999, a time before athletes were familiar with yoga. I was walking off the Tennessee Titans practice field with assistant coach George Henshaw feeling a bit defeated by the vacant stares of half the team whom I might as well have been trying to initiate into Voodoo. George said if I changed one guy for the better it could be the thing that won a game and changed a season. One person at a time; that's how the world shifts.

In the Press and On the Page


Fox T.V. show “NFL Under The Helmet

Featuring Kevin Carter and Hilary Lindsay

Sports Illustrated ~50th Anniversary Issue. “Yoga Man”

featuring Eddie George and Hilary Lindsay

Newsweek Magazine

“Real Men Do Yoga”, featuring Eddie George and Hilary Lindsay

The Yoga Journal

“Emotions in Motion” – “As a teacher Lindsay has witnessed many emotional breakthroughs…”

ESPN Monday Night Football Pregame Show

Featuring Kevin Carter with Hilary Lindsay

Iyogalife Magazine, “Yogi Ab Map” ~A yoga core workout by Hilary Lindsay
Yoga In America, edited by Deborah Bernstein & Bob Weisenberg  “Yoga in America Is”, by Hilary Lindsay

“Your chapter was a fascinating essay on the subconscious link between American ideals and the essence of yoga.  I found myself wanting to read it over several times to experience it again.”  Bob Weisenberg, co-editor

Elephant Journal, “Rebel Yoga: An Interview with Hilary Lindsay” by Carol Horton Dec. 12, 2012
It’s All Yoga Baby,Top 15 blog posts of 2013 “Do These Pants Make My Ass Look Fat?”, by Hilary Lindsay: A response to Lululemon’s fat shaming.

Mantra Magazine, “Spotlight on Nashville Yoga Teachers” ~ http://mantramag.com/one-biggest-life-lessons/

The Nashville Scene

“Yoga Goes Profitable: The Number of Studios Explodes But Their Missions Vary” ~  The author writes, When I walked out of Hilary’s class I felt six feet taller and sore in a good way in places I didn’t know existed – it was a gigantic stress release.

The Yoga Journal ~Peak Performers”

Lindsay found his flexibility needed focus in key areas. “Yoga brings another method to my arsenal. I can’t explain it, I just feel a difference in my body because I know my body and what it can do, I am more elusive now.” – Eddie George.”

Real Men Do Yoga by John Capouya

featuring Hilary Lindsay

The Tennessean

Trying to Stay Fit – “She’s cool,” says Eddie George. “Hilary’s a very energetic woman, she’s a very strong woman. She’s shown me different things about my body and it helps to focus on your body to understand yourself.”

Training and Conditioning Magazine,  “Poised for Yogawith Hilary Lindsay

Health & Wellness Magazine

“Real Men Do Take Yoga” ~ Eddie George, Hilary’s student says, “Even if I weren’t playing football I would still take yoga lessons. I like the way Hilary tailors sessions for me.”

Nashville Scene

“Hilary Lindsay: Yogini Extraordinaire” Lindsay’s magic has brought her an interesting array of students. Included among them are the Reverend Becca Stevens, Raul Malo of The Mavericks, and Tennessee Titans Running Back Eddie George.

FHM Magazine

“Eddie George’s Workout” ~ featuring Hilary Lindsay, trainer

Training and Conditioning Magazine,  “Poised for Yogawith Hilary Lindsay

Best Yoga Blog 2017


Best Yoga Blogs 2013, It’s All Yoga Baby

top 15 yoga blog posts of 2013

Associated Press

“We’ve made significant gains through yoga”, strength coach Steve Watterson said:  “It’s made a significant improvement in their balance, core strength, and flexibility.”

The Tennessean

“All Together Now ” To the beat of two drummers stationed in a corner of the warmly lit studio, Lindsay takes her students through a fast paced stream of consciousness journey.

Eddie George Fitness Video ~ choreographer of opening and closing sequences


 Hilary, I want to let you know that you have a gift for teaching yoga that I have never experienced in any other class.
 You described moving energy, moving breath, moving the body and I FELT it, and I felt energized after a class. And you weren’t so self-serious 🙂
– Kathleen Madigan, fabric artist, Argentina


I have a new feeling for life that was missing in me. I was referred to Hilary by a medical professional. At 59 I looked 70 and felt it. I had lost flexibility and mobility and suffered from chronic neck and back pain with sciatica that caused loss of feeling in my leg and foot and made sleep difficult. In a few short months the pain is gone and I  sleep like a baby.  I am going snow skiing this year and had not been fit enough to ski for the last 9 years. People notice that the fun loving person they love has come back to life.  Thank you Hilary, you saved my life.  This is not what I ever thought yoga was.  Feeling 40 at 60.

– Darrell Bengson, Business Executive

At 53 and never having considered yoga in my life, Hilary was recommended to me by a physical therapist for back pain. I hadn’t realized that my body had become so inflexible that I could barely put on my own shoes.  After thoroughly evaluating my condition, Hilary put me through a program that completely eliminated my back problems. I now play golf and tennis with ease.  She saved me a fortune in doctor bills, possible surgery and the results started almost immediately.  I can not recommend Hilary more highly.  She’s my “better angel”.

– Roger Sarchett, Music Producer

Hilary is a great yoga instructor….she kept me focused on getting into shape.

– Faith Hill

Active Yoga made me feel the best I’ve felt in my life. The depth of the work rewarded me on a spiritual as well as physical level. Every class is different and it trained me to be sensitive to the changes in my own body and life.

– Jaime Kyle, singer, songwriter, music producer

Hilary is a life saver. She researched my arthritis condition, provided me with a yoga workout and suggested lifestyle changes. Hilary is extremely knowledgeable and has a clear understanding of her client’s needs. She loves what she does and it shows.

– Kenya Mathis, Chief Warrant Officer, United States Army

Hilary’s classes have not only given me yoga skills but taught me how to teach. I always find myself referring to her with my students and I recently modeled the breath work in a “Fearless Singing” workshop on hers. Hilary’s ability to express the integration of the body informs me in areas beyond yoga and despite my training as a musician and a massage therapist, I never understood the interplay of anatomy in action until I experienced Hilary’s instruction. And it’s so much fun!

– Adie Grey, Singer/Songwriter, Music Educator

There is not a workout in town that’s wilder or more fun than Hilary’s dance class. It is something everyone should experience, not once, but every Saturday morning. Her drummers are fantastic!

– Minton Sparks, performance poet

She’s a very energetic woman, she’s stronger than most of the guys on the team.

– Eddie George, Running Back Tennessee Titans

It’s [The Bodymind Workout] the closest I come to sacred. I’m energized and feel like I move beautifully.

– Rebecca Bell, Labor and Delivery Nurse

Martial arts has taken its toll on my middle-aged body. Restorative yoga with Hilary brings relief and restores my strength. My overall performance is improved in my golf game as well as Hapkido.

– Tommy Bernard, 5th Degree Black Belt, C.E.O. Horizon Wine and Spirits

For the past four years Hilary’s free flow style has proved to be vital to attaining balance in a life which requires working in a bureaucratic environment engaged daily with crime, analysis, and administrative details. She motivates participants to set high but attainable goals of self awareness and physical accomplishment.

– John Konerman, Federal Agent

I like you but I hate this s***! Can’t you just come over and we’ll have lunch?

– K.T. Oslin, entertainer, singer

I get tight and unbalanced from competing in polo matches. Hilary challenges me to move, regain balance, relax, and think positively.

– Cathy Brown, one goal amateur polo player

I have taken yoga and dance classes with teachers around the country and Hilary Lindsay has the most dynamic, innovative, and intelligent teaching style of anyone I’ve studied under.

– Sharon Tibbits, Physiotherapist, St. Thomas Hospital

Rebel Yogis Calendar~Martial Artist with Inner Strength founder Matt Royka

Extreme Times Call for Extraordinary Yoga