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Asana Ignites When Melody Meets Lyrics

Beginning-Hilary Lindsay

Nashville is home and host to songwriters so it was nothing unusual to be sitting next to a visiting songwriter at dinner last night.

He said he’s basically a writer. The melody is secondary added intuitively as he can’t read music and doesn’t play an instrument.

A song’s melody should prop up the gist of the lyrics.

Without a melody the poetry or prose can be impactful but notes give words sensations that pierce hearts and sear brains. Even wordless music stirs us.

With my habit of taking the macrocosm into the particular  through the windshield of yoga, I considered how assuming yoga poses without passion is like words with no melody.

Posture becomes authentic when executed with sentiment. Sentiment implies drawing emotion from a well of experience. That sentiment shifts as fresh water fills the well and then you might say your yoga practice reflects all of you in the moment, every moment. It keeps changing. It stays interesting and lively as new impressions form again and again remixing the song of your soul.