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Everyone is Uneven: Inquiry and Experience #2


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Study a photograph of your face cut down the middle and notice that the two sides are not identical. The naked body will reveal the same thing. Most of us are uneven.


When I started teaching yoga I saw a room full of people. As I became more seasoned I saw a room full of individuals. How would I teach them all with their disparate unevenness!


I explore sensation with my own body, examine the process of dealing with my own pain and pleasure and begin with the assumption that no one is even. I can only offer what I know for fact. Insight and experience give me the confidence to teach through the template of my own crooked being and all it has done to right itself toward an experience of quality. New students are usually less sensitive to imbalance and it gives them the opportunity of awareness. My most uneven students are teachers or experienced students who reap tremendous benefit from this approach. People who are fairly balanced have the opportunity to work with more precision.


Here are a few explorations of potential imbalance that might lead to harm if not considered in a yoga practice.


Inquiry # 2:


Sitting ~ Contract your buttocks. Does one side contract faster than the other? If so, contract the slacker side first when doing symmetrical strength postures or exercises.


Standing~ Bend your knees. Does one knee bend faster than the other? If so, drive the heel of the foot on the side that is slacker harder into the floor as you proceed.


Bending Over~ Place your hands on your outer buttocks with your wrists at your hip bones. Slowly begin a forward fold. Does one side move forward faster? If so, draw the outer corner of that buttock back to draw the hip into line before you proceed.


Please check back for the next inquiry and experience posting: Every Step You Take, Every Move You Make.