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Your Yoga is Like Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Eddie George

Eddie George

The expression Monday morning quarterback refers to assessing how things should have been done after the fact. You know what was best after things went south by a wrong direction.


I learned the hard way that a physical practice could be disastrous down the road.  I learned at least a dozen times in a dozen ways with a dozen parts of myself.


As I observe the group of beginning yoga students before me, I consider the path I will send them on. I know that much of what I say will be lost to many of them no matter what I say. Still, there is something I can tell them of taking care of themselves in a group experience.


This class is an elective and should be treated that way. No tests. No grades. No pressure.

You do not know how you will respond to a particular movement until you have done it. That is fundamental and ironic.

Therefore, you should proceed thoughtfully even though you have no thoughts that pertain to this except mine as you follow my directions. You will trust me more than yourselves. Until I’m vetted do not do that. In fact, don’t ever do that.

My directions are specific for the sake of form but not specific to you. I don’t know you. You will have to meet yourselves.

The way to start is to breathe intentionally and follow the thread of breath with your movement. No breath, no movement. No faking.

As you figure out the best way to organize your poses, you will notice that this is not absolute. You will change and not just in a progressive way. You will not notice that easily. When you do, delight in it.

Because that is yoga