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Yoga Lab

I have spent most of my life in relationship with yoga. Much of it has been released as commentary on culture in text, blogs and articles.

Here for my third act I offer specific insight to enhance your experience of yourself through yoga. You will find fertilizer for your practice of asana, breath and meditation. I have thrown in recipes I created or altered for your pleasure as well as some of my artwork.

Please accept them as an offering and share them with acknowledgement of the author.


Yoga Journalist.

I have less than an hour to get through to a group of college students. They are not consistent here at Vanderbilt. There‚Äôs no way to deepen a practice when every yoga class has to be an experience for new beginners. A journalist checklist creates a strong foundation for yoga that anyone can relate to. I offer it to them as a way to consider themselves as they take the plunge. Who What Where When Why How Taken out of order this makes most sense. How do I do this, where do I feel this, when do I feel it and how can I change it, what is the process, who am I in this context. If the yoga experience is informative or enlightening, when and why will be answered by the other questions. But every question must be answered for the story to reveal the facts.  ...

Archived Journal Entries