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Mellow Your Jack Russell Mind. Doorway to Savasana: Inquiry and Experience #8


Try these exercises for the nervous system. Smaller and slower is the key. Use some or all.

This is the follow up to this post.


Spread a blanket on your mat

Lie on your back


~Bring knees toward chest and align shins and ankles

Leave upper back on the floor and roll hips left

Place legs and feet on the floor

The knees can be above or below the hips as you please


Eyes closed observe the inner leg from the knee to groin

Is there tension?

Relax the inner thighs

Observe the back hinge of the jaw

Is there tension?

Release the jaw bone to be as soft as the inner thighs

Where is the breath? Notice: It is always there

Repeat to right side


~Roll onto back- knees bent and feet on floor

Press and release the pressure of feet against the floor several times to pulse the lower spine

Now press and release the lower spine with no help from the feet or buttocks

The movements will be small and intimate

Notice the breath… it is always there

Is there a breath that makes this movement more organized for you?


~Press fingertips firmly from side scalp edge to the broadest part of the side skull

With strong fingers and a soft neck draw skull up and chin towards chest

Lower with strong fingertips and firmly drag fingers back to scalp line

Press fingertips from center scalp edge to the crown of the head making two rows with the fingertips and maintain pressure as you make small circles on the top of the scalp. The scalp may feel tender

Withdraw the fingers firmly back to scalp line


~Slip hands under skull and press the thumbs firmly into the base of the skull around the spinal muscles

Lift and lower the chin several times gliding the head over the thumbs

Massage the ridge between the base of the skull and the circumference of the mid skull which is behind the nose

Run fingers quickly from brow across top of skull twice

Extend legs, turn palms to ceiling, arms at sides


~Press middle fingers firmly into the notch behind the base of the ear lobe at the jaw line

Hold and slowly open and close the jaw

Notice if one side moves at a different pace

Go slower

~Gently massage the back hinge of the jaw bone

Slide thumbs to the bottom corner of the jaw bone

Press the other fingers into the thick muscle at the top hinge of the jaw

Open and close the jaw slowly keeping a firm pressure on that hinge

Your outer fingers will slide under the outer cheek bones

Release the hands and imagine you are sliding the upper jaw right to left a few times

Notice the breath….. it is always there


~Pinch the top of the earlobe and continue pinching your way down to its base

Gently pull and hold the earlobes out pressing the forefingers into the inside fold of the lower lobe for two breaths

Relax the jaw

Rest the arms at your sides so they do not touch the trunk anywhere but no farther, palms to ceiling


~Slightly open the jaw and let if fall back to neutral. Repeat several times. This is a small movement

In tandem open the fingers slightly and let them fold to neutral

Notice! It takes at least four times as long to come back into place as it does to exert.

The jaw and fingers are opening and coming into themselves like pulsing coral

Notice the breath….. it is always there

Is there a movement of the breath that makes this more organized for you?

Do less and less until you are still


Invite the brain, the heart, the belly, the skin to be absorbed into the ocean of the body

Let Go