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Raw Chocolate Truffles with a Bite

Raw Cacao with a Bite


I am not an exact chef. It drives my chef friends crazy. Why can’t you just use a recipe as you find it before you change it? Baking is an exact science! You can’t mess with it!!!!

Nonsense: I mess with everything and it works out fine. But suffice it to say that I encourage you to mess with this recipe. I made it up and I change it when I want to. It’s expensive and hard to make unless you have a great blender but it’s worth it. I use organic ingredients. Here you go:


Soak one cup of raw cashews and one cup of raw almonds in hot water (walnuts or pecans are good too)

Soak 10 small dates in hot water or hot liquor of your choice

Remove most of the water after a half hour or more and place in blender in thirds holding back a quarter cup of nuts and puree

Add 3 T. Raw agave

One T. Organic unrefined coconut oil

½ t. vanilla

One T. Raw Coconut Sugar

(sometimes I add a tablespoon of cacao nibs)

Blend again

Once blended add 2/3 cup raw cacao powder

1 T. chipotle powder

½ t. pink sea salt

Blend blend blend – the smoother, the more pleasing

Add the last nuts toward the end so they are chopped into small pieces


Roll into 1 inch balls on freezer paper on a cookie sheet and freeze (optional – you can chill them in the fridge)

Options: Roll them in coconut or toasted sesame seeds and coconut sugar or even powdered sugar


You get it. Do what delights you. Make them as rich and as pretty as your imagination allows.

I have kept them as long as a month in the refrigerator and they were still perfection.


Put them in a lovely box and give them as a gift. Make someone happy.