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Red, White and Blue Cold Fruit Pie From the Yoga Food Lab

_MG_4099 Red white and blue pie sideshot


Here is my recipe for an uncooked fresh fruit pie for the Fourth of July that will delight.

I am not giving you a crust recipe because I use Whole Foods Organic crusts these days. They also have spelt or whole wheat…. Neither appeal to me but you may like them. When I make my own crust I always use whole wheat pastry flour for a quarter of the crust because it has a nutty, flakiness that seems lovely to me. Pastry flour is lower in gluten so it doesn’t hold together as well and may not be as pretty but you know pretty only goes so far. You can substitute a vegan crust or for you folks who are both non-gluten and vegan you could make a crust using nuts and seeds but I don’t know how to do it well enough to share yet. I change this recipe to suit my moods or guests as I do all things eaten, worn or done!


Slice and mix approximately:

One pint of blueberries or blackberries or both

One pint of strawberries

One large banana

(Room temperature)

Heat about a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice. Today I’ll use organic orange strawberry banana as that’s what I have. (Do not eat conventional strawberries, they are pesticide sponges!)

Dissolve about a TBLSP Agar Agar (you can substitute kanten) into cold juice and bring to boil

Heat crust at 375 degrees for 10 minutes (My chef friend Bett likes a browner crust. If she’s coming over, cook yours longer)

Pour fruit into hot crust

Pour hot juice mixture over it

Chill and eat.

Mint leaves are fun on this too. Today I sprinkled organic low fat shredded coconut on the top and threw on some mint from my garden.

I usually sweeten everything with cinnamon. But you can use any sweetener you want if the fruit isn’t sweet enough. Just stir it into the juice. I doubt you need more than a tablespoon or so even if you have a sweet tooth. For that matter, ice cream on the finished product may make you happy!

Whipped cream is awfully great on this and I have been known to whip Mascarpone with cinnamon, powdered sugar and Frangelica liquor to make the best whipped topping ever, unless you are a vegan. And if you are, my hat is off to you. Coconut milk ice cream is pretty darn great.

I have a friend who blends Silken tofu with almond extract and agave for toppings. Sometimes she throws in ground almonds. I bet cinnamon would be good in there and throw in a dash of Amaretto for taste.


If anyone has a good flour-less crust recipe, I’d sure like to see it!


” Cooking and baking are not an exact science. ” Hilary Lindsay, rebel chef


Enjoy, Hilary