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Tangled Up Inside

computer wires

Your body is a nervous system, a union of several nervous systems. The nerves transmit electric signals. You are an integration of communicators and receptors.

Picture a cinematic disaster with bystanders and emergency responders frantically grasping for answers and direction. Does your body ever feel that way?


You are a bundle of nerves navigating uncharted territory every day. You are under stress. Wires overheat. Circuits go haywire.

You want to manage the stress.  If you’ve recognized it you’ve done step one. Now what are the effects of the de-stressor you chose?

You are high but is the stress gone?

You’ve exhausted your muscles but is the stress gone?

You relaxed but is the stress gone?

You’ve eaten a cake but is the stress gone?

 If not, where is it? Can you repair those hot wires?


Let them cool as you sit with sensation. Consider your choices.

Approach as a novice. You are.

 Approach as an intuitive being. You are.

Test and re-test. It’s your computer lab.

You keep the notations.


For your complex energy web.