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Yoga and the Domino Effect: Inquiry and Experience #4

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Your body and mind communicate by an unspoken language.

You begin class standing at attention when I suggest you lift the skirts of your inner thighs.


Your skin shifts upward like an arrow shot from ankle holsters.

Your bones react and pull toward earth.

Your breath migrates to the fullest reaches of your ribs; all of them.

Inner thighs do not have skirts.

Your mind has translated this to something else.


~Your belly, receptive to the upward pull of the thighs moves in and up.

~Your calves, receptive to the upward pull of the thighs draw down.

~The heels root.

~The thighs rise.

~The buttocks descend.

~The chest lifts.


If the pose is set in motion correctly, the rest falls in to place.

Who will begin the dialogue for the body to follow before you know the first word?

The approach offered stealthily does not overwhelm the student.

It is most effective when both delicate and deliberate.

That is the catalyst to poetry in motion.


Your guide is the teacher who directs you with the first word.

And allows the ones that follow to be uniquely your own.