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Your Lungs Begin at Your Legs. Inquiry and Experience.

The function of the lungs is enhanced by the action of the legs. Here’s why.

The skin of the thighs is attached to the skin of the hips, the belly and the ribs.

The skin is not just what you see but what is connected beneath the surface to the muscle, connective web and bones.

Try this.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor.

Take a generous inhale and full exhalation to observe that sensation.

Now extend straight arms to brace the tops of the thighs forward.

Take another generous inhale and full exhalation.

Observe the sensation.

I hope you notice that on the second inhale the belly draws down as the deep abdominal muscles stretch and you get a fuller breath.


On the next breath bring your attention to the upper back.

Spread the chest and settle the outer shoulders back and take a full breath again still pressing the thighs.

The legs anchor the diaphragm from below while the shoulders anchor at the top.

May the breath satiate and please you!