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“Nature” by Goethe

2016 snow


He says it so well that on this rare and lovely white frozen weekend I give you a guest to the yoga lab; the great writer, Goethe. Remember my friends that we are nature too.



     We are encompassed and enveloped by her, powerless to emerge and powerless to penetrate deeper.

   Unbidden and unwarned she takes us up in the round of her dance and sweeps us along, until exhausted we fall from her arms.

     She has placed me her: she will lead me hence-

   I confide myself to her.

   She may do with me what she will: she will not despise her work.

   I speak not of her. No, what is true and what is false, she herself has spoken all.

   All the fault is hers; hers is all the glory……Goethe


Hope you yogis are enjoying the full moon snow that ushers in a new year.

Happy 2016 again and again.