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We Are the People We Will Become

Rebel Yogi Calendar~Spirit Healers by Rob and Hilary Lindsay


We identify ourselves with some certainty.

Smart, twitchy, resourceful, stubborn, kind, hard working, easy going, generous, like that.

Is that it? Is it absolute?

Seeds of change are dormant in all life forms.

Both possibilities and pandemic.

Stress forces them to mutate.

Forces  adaptation.

All life forms wired to survive.


 Dis-ease threatens and unease arises.

We change our habits.

But also our behavior.

What happens in reaction?


In yoga, once dormant comes to life with deliberate breath and movement.

We name it “consciousness”.

Knocks on the door and then breaks it down.

This knowingness challenges our opinion of truth.


Forget who we were before this terrible tempest.

Crisis now an opportunity.

For curiosity.

Respective human and humaneness magnified.

Who are you?


Close your eyes. Repeat “I am” to yourself again and again. I am…….. What shows up? Keep going until nothing else comes up. Until “I am” is all. And everything.